Why more trees?

You might be thinking we've got a lot of trees. 
But they are under threat.

Three planning applications threaten dozens of mature trees on Dundas Street, Fettes Row, Royal Crescent, Eyre Place and in and around the boundary of King George V Park. 25 trees in the Park are to be removed because the proposed building line is too close to them. 

Many trees, especially the 40-year-old trees on Dundas St, and a group of trees near the Scotland St entrance to the Park, are under immediate threat of felling. Others, like those on Fettes Row are to be subject to severe pruning on spurious grounds that they are "dangerous". Tree works in a COnservation area (TCO) notices were issued in January. We need City of Edinburgh Council officers and Councillors to ensure more trees are kept.

We want any development in the New Town Conservation Area to protect mature trees. 

That doesn't seem like much to ask does it? These wonderful mature trees in a conservation area are automatically protected after all. Or are they?

Only if:

  • The Council does not consent to Ediston felling trees on public property in King George V Park. This is now shown to be "to faciltate development". It must not be allowed.
  • The Council issues Tree Protection Orders for the Trees on the developers' sites urgently.
  • Planning policy and guidance is applied properly in the recommendations made by Planning Officers.
  • Planning policy and guidance is upheld by the Councillors on the Development Management Subcommittee.
  • Current applications for development on these sites are refused and the wealthy developers are sent back to the drawing board.
  • Developers are told to come back when their plans properly protect trees and enhance the character of the conservation area. Which is only what they should have done in the first place.
  • All development of King George V Park is either either made the subject of a planning application OR there is a clear separation between what the developer wants and what happens in the Park. Section 75 monies are intended to benefit the community not the developer. 

Please act now

There will be a hearing before the Development Management Subcommittee on the 17th of February. Supporting our campaign by following us on Twitter and retweeting us, or on Facebook, or by sending us an email. Let us know what you think of what is proposed.

You can also let Councillors know. Those on the Development Management Subcommittee can receive emails but cannot let you know what they think. Five Councillors in Inverleith and City Centre Wards - Cllrs Miller, Doran, Whyte, Barrie and Rankin - are not on the Development Management Subcommittee & could all speak at the hearing to represent their consituents.  They would not automatically attend so it is important for them to know how you feel.