Application for development of Centrum House

This application has the reference number 20/05645/FUL

You can see details on the City of Edinburgh Council Planning Portal. 

The application is to demolish an office building erected in the 1980s at 108-116 Dundas St. It is principally to build 44 flats with 3 commercial units. Again the developer, this time the applicant is MMMARS Dundas Ltd with Scott Hobbs Planning as their agent. They argue that the building cannot be repurposed. 

There several significant problems with the proposals brought forward. Picking just two:

The first is that the proposal is to move the building line closer to Dundas St than the existing building. This would require that mature trees are felled, would affect outlook, daylight and sunlight for neighbours and would be out of keeping with the New Town Conservation Area where buildings are set back from the pavement behind railings with sunken basements. The current building was required to apply these valued features of the Conservation Area. This means people arriving at the Northern Edge of the New Town from Canonmills see the beautiful Georgian pavillions on Fettes Row and have a great view up Dundas St all the way to the Hub. The developer argues that they are restoring the Victorian building line, but in fact this is the tiny exception rather than the vast majority rule on Dundas St. 

The second major issue is height. Rather than adhering to the prevailing height in theConservation Area - three to four storeys above street level - the proposal is to build a storey higher than the adjacent builing at 120 Dundas St, which in itself is already at least storey higher than the prevailing height. This excessive height negatively affects the setting of the listed buildings opposite on Fettes Row. 

You can see an article reporting on what residents think in the Broughton Spurtle here.